Wool Moth Damage

Clothes moths eat natural fibers. The moths do not, but the larvae do. They like wool and silk rugs especially because rugs are natural for them to infest due to their being more open than clothing.

Moths also like warm (75 degrees) and moist (rH 75%) environments, especially with no light. Soil promotes their food source.

So that oriental rug beneath the sofa is an excellent first place to check.

If you do detect them your first course of action is to contact a licensed pest control specialist. Once done, contact us to clean your rug and denature it with a chemical that makes the wool taste unsavory to moth larvae. If you rewash the rug, this must be applied again.

In the meantime, vacuum deliberately with care when using a vacuum with a roller brush. Change the bag and dispose away from their food source.

If you are concerned about moths, call us today to make plans for pick-up, clean and delivery. 360-280-2171 m & txt.