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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Olympia, WA

We make it look new again!

bathroom tileEvery time your tile floor is mopped, the dirty solution seeps into the grout channels and dirt dries and stays there. This deep, trapped soil needs to extracted with special tools, training and equipment. Sometimes a restoration through honing and polishing is the only option. Here the technician training and equipment power make a great difference in the final results.

A word about grout.

There are three kinds: sanded, non-sanded and epoxy. Epoxy grout is used in “wet” rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Once it appears soiled, it can be very difficult to make appear new again. Call with questions.

Who Cares About Your Expensive Investment Once It Is Installed?

Think about what happens in this industry and everyone’s motivation.
There are three kinds: sanded, non-sanded and epoxy. Epoxy grout is used in “wet” rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Once it appears soiled, it can be very diffictult to make appeaer new again. Call with questions. 1/4 shower Your Housekeeper? They could be your lifesaver but they probably do not know the difference between say, a limestone and a porcelain tile whatsoever. They give your floor a nice mopping with products that contain chelates that actually aggravate the problem rather than solve the problem. You may be doing this too with store bought household chemicals. Your Installer? If anyone should be the one to seal your porous grout it should be him. Yet the grout needs to cure typically 72 hours or more. In reality, returning to seal at all is not as profitable as installing so it is often simply ignored so the onus is for you to seal your grout. For your information, a final, professional removal of any grout haze, application of a proper impregnating sealer and quick drying is what you deserve and we can deliver. Your Salesperson? Depending on their knowledge of the products they sell and their properties; the use and lifestyle the product will endure in your home is as close to their ability to make your tile care free as they can get. Therefore, they depend on you to tell them what you should install. For instance, do you perhaps have ceramic tile in your kitchen rather than porcelain? Porcelain color goes through the entire tile and can tolerate a dropped kitchen tool whereas ceramic would reveal ugly bisque gray or red. tile floorYou? Well, you simply want the care-free beauty that tile has to offer and depend on professionals to deliver that to you. But as we have discussed now, the right professional is hard to find. Your Professional Certified, Tile & Grout Cleaner? Here is the answer you’ve been looking for! Call us today for a no obligation proposal and perhaps a free demonstration to see if we can meet your needs.

Our Process and Recommendations

We will first test and pre-qualify the work required. Then we will give you a proposal that you can accept of decline. Once the surface is clean, we highly recommend that it be properly sealed in most cases. Most impregnating, fluoropolymer sealer last three to five years but we also offer a sealer that carries a 15 year written stain warranty. This is an excellent solution for many granite countertops available today. Ask us for details. restaurant tileThe next time you go into a fast food restaurant look at the tile. You might say to yourself “wow!” someone was smart and specified black grout. But then follow the grout line to the vertical tiles at the edge and you will see that the grout was originally pink! What you are seeing is the result of abusive mopping and depositing the dirt into the grout channel which is much more porous than the tile surface. Hence we recommend low moisture microfiber commercial grade mops to do the job but not the harm…and yes, we sell them for owners with any hard surfaces to maintain. No chemicals required! Just simply water. Much of what we covered above is simply compounded in the workplace because no one has homeowner’s pride. But often the image your business presents speaks volumes about the quality you represent. Call DRYEX for help and a possible maintenance plan to keep up appearances!