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Michael, thank you for the great job you did on the [Turkish hand woven] rugs. They look brand new. 
B. Miller, Olympia, WA

Oriental Rugs & Area Rugs

Oriental and area rugs are more popular than ever as more homeowners install hard surfaces but want to retain the elegance and warmth of soft textiles. Cleaning rugs on-site is rare and risky for several reasons, as well as very unprofessional. We can explain why in detail when you call.

We pick up and deliver! Our professional and courteous technicians do all the work— so all you have to pick up is the phone.

The Decision || The Process || Underlayment || Rug Repair

The Decision

Do you know what questions to ask? You have virtually five choices to clean your area rug. 1. You can bring it to your favorite dry cleaner, and they will mark-up and sublet the work to someone else. 2. You can have an untrained, uncertified average carpet cleaning technician clean it for you. This is usually a quick vacuum (maybe) and steam cleaning either done in place or taken away and brought back. Yet, do they genuinely know and have the special equipment for rugs? 3. You can have it cleaned at a factory-style assembly line plant. They usually do good work, but they price on volume with a percentage of callbacks factored into that price, and you probably are encouraged to pick up and deliver to save money (and there are none of them in Olympia). We do everything they do but by hand, carefully. Full immersion cleaning with rapid dry times. We pick-up and deliver for free in most of Thurston county. 4. You can attempt to clean it yourself, but you will likely regret it unless the rug is 100% synthetic polymer. 5. You can hire a professional, insured, Certified Area Rug Specialist, and the first WoolSafe Approved Service Provider in Washington. Dryex has invested in a new, massive centrifuge that makes full immersion cleaning less risky because of ultra-quick dry times.

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The Process

Your understanding of the process helps you see the value and care that goes into each rug we clean.

Fiber, Construction and Condition Testing & Determination.If we understand this, we can control the cleaning process to minimize risk and maximize cleanliness.

Dry Soil Removal. We gently remove dry soil with a particular, unique machine designed to remove dirt in the weave.
(It is easier to get beach sand off your skin when your skin is dry rather than wet, correct?) The machine is a mechanized rug beater using strops.

Extraction. Most rugs receive a high flow, low-pressure water flush to remove all soil and old residue (suds free). We wash one rug at a time. Your rug is alone throughout the entire process. Then your rug is extracted with a massive centrifuge. Do you know how your washing machine spins the load fast at the end to pull out all of the excess water? Imagine a device than can do that with your rug? That is our new, massive centrifuge. Some rugs must be low moisture cleaned because of their fibers, construction, or dyes. We have those tools also.

Grooming and Protecting. After extracting your rug, we set the nap if required. You also have the choice to fiber protect your rug for 25% of cleaning cost. We use a solvent-based fiber protector only because it performs superior to a water-based protector. However, either is available.

Drying. Controlled and supervised drying is critical. Drying is the phase of the cleaning process where most trouble will develop and is another reason caring for your rug is done off-site. Problems like buckling, bleeding, fringe browning, and over-stretching tend to happen now. Our dry room is temperature, humidity, and airflow controlled just for your rug.

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Underlayment (padding)

We offer custom-cut needle punch underlayment for $2.50 psf. We offer Rug Pad Wizard, which is waterproof, environmentally stable, and has an incredible 0.5 coefficient of friction. Waterproof or, more importantly, pet accident proof is so valuable. Look what urine can do to your wood floor.

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Rug Repair

From vacuum catches to dry rot, there is virtually nothing we cannot accomplish, but of course, there is no standard pricing for repairs.

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