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I have had my work's carpets cleaned by Dryex for years now. Mike's employees are very thorough and professional, even getting the toughest stains out!
~ Drea Critser, WA

Carpet Cleaning & Color Repair

Mike Ellis, owner. Nothing improves the look of your home like clean, fresh carpets— and nothing feels better under your feet. Normal wear and tear from the people and pets in your household will determine how long your new carpet will look and feel great. After time, all carpeting and rugs gather contaminants such as dirt, hair and oil which accumulate in the fibers and begin to break them down. Bring new life back to your flooring with expert carpet care and cleaning from DRYEX.

Don't trust your home, and the care of your carpets and rugs to just any carpet cleaning business. At DRYEX we are extremely proud of our great reputation, excellent reviews, and many word-of-mouth referrals. We pride ourselves on service and excellence, and have years of experience behind our name. Why not give us a call today?

Call today for a free, quite accurate, over-the-phone estimate. Upon arrival we will give you a to the penny proposal prior to lifting a tool. If you want a separate on-site proposal we charge $35-$50. If you hire us, that is applied to the job. You can use our on-line coupon to offset this cost.

The most often asked question is "how long does it take to dry?". The answer depends on numerous factors including humity, age, degree of protector intact, methods used, air circulation, etc. The bottom line is you can use your textile immediately since it was not overwetted. Just have clean feet because moisture is "magnetic" for soil.

Color Repair

Call us for on-the-spot carpet color repair.
We use only Prism Color fast Dyes— the industry's finest!

Clean, fresh green carpeting in living room.“Mysterious” accidents caused by bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, acne medication, harsh liquids and sun fading can create color loss in your carpet. Whatever the cause, it makes your carpet look dirty and unkempt. Now you can solve your carpet’s color loss problem without going through the hassle and expense of tearing out and replacing a section or the entire carpet.

Results that assure your satisfaction.

Using the tested and proven Prism system, our Certified Carpet Colorist will analyze the spotted area, neutralize and prepare it for dyeing, and then utilize his special proven methods of training to perfectly match the dye to the rest of the carpet.

Color repair before and after.

Color repair before and after.

Colors that are more permanent, just like your carpet's original colors...

Using the tested and proven Prism method, our Certified Carpet Colorist will analyze the spotted area, neutralize and prepare it for dyeing, and then utilize his special proven methods of training to match the dye to the rest of the carpet.

Carpet Appearance: Planned vs. Unplanned

Carpet appearance level: A Chart showing planned cleaning and unplanned and over all appearance of carpet.We often get requests for proposals from large commercial establishments and what they are seeking is several bids from various vendors and tend to opt for the lowest bidder. This is a lose-lose situation because the establishment doesn’t get the cleaning standards they are hoping for and the vendor is under duress to clean large expanses of carpet for a razor thin margin. The solution to this situation is to place the establishment on a proactive maintenance plan where critical zones get cleaned frequently and seldom used areas are cleaned periodically for a significant savings. The end result for you is carpet that is clean year round for a fraction of the cost of cleaning the whole area and for a figure that can be incorporated into annual budgets so no surprises are experienced.

So please call for a free, no obligation test clean for you to analyze and evaluate for commercial carpets. We are masters of cleaning strategically so all the carpet is clean for a fraction of the cost of cleaning reactively; not proactively!