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There is simply no reason not to hire us!

DRYEX is a locally owned carpet, rug and upholstery and tile cleaning company based in Olympia, WA.

Dryex price
You can actually turn a profit by hiring us! We offer referral certificates that you can redeem for cash and they are unlimited and never expire. We get new word-of-mouth clients and you earn cash or credits in return. Check out our web site for a chance to save up to $20 as well!
Dryex method

We feature the best equipment in each industry recognized method from absorbent compound or “dry extraction” to our Vortex for “hot water extraction” (steam cleaning).

There is no cost difference and which method to use depends on the needs of the carpet and client.

Dryex certifications

Highest possible.
…no one comes close.

We hold over a dozen professional certifications including the very highest in the industry “Practicing Senior Carpet Inspector” and “Master Textile Cleaner”.