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Upholstery & Fabrics

DRYEX is an IICRC Certified Firm and Master Textile Cleaner

What does that mean? That means we hold the Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration and Certification (IICRC) credentials as carpet cleaning technician, carpet repair and reinstallation technician, odor control technician, color repair technician, and, upholstery and fabric cleaning technician. We have held this certification for over two decades and are trained and confident as we approach your soft textiles.

Pricing of upholstery involves answering a few fundamental questions, and do not worry if you do not know the answers. We will answer them when we pre-qualifying the work before we lift a tool. Pricing is determined simply by the labor and liability agree on together, and perhaps a trip charge if you are more than 45' away.

So please tell us the following:

  1. Is the upholstery natural or synthetic fiber? Natural fiber, such as cotton and wool are riskier than polyester.
  2. For brevity, let us choose a three-person sofa because we price based on the number of "positions," not linear feet, or some other technique. If you have no dust ruffle, microfiber and attached cushions that is $55 per position, so the entire piece is $165. There is no sales tax on cleaning in WA. A love seat has, of course, two places. We can usually provide an accurate (within ten percent of the actual cost) over-the-phone estimate.
  3. Does the piece have a "dust ruffle" around the base? If so, more labor, but it's worth it. Especially when it has a black heel line from rubbing against the frame.
  4. Are the cushions attached or detached? Attached is a two-sided cushion versus six sides per pillow if detached.
  5. Is the sofa "overstuffed" or regular sized?

Some liabilities that exist in cleaning include colorfastness, microfiber delamination, and cotton yellowing. We remove pet hair with a dedicated upholstery vacuum attachment when dry. Urine contamination, although very correctable, equals more labor and liability. Remember, urine must be removed and rendered inert. There is no "magic bullet" spray-on deodorizer that masks the malodor permanently. Enzymes come close.

The typical price range could be as low as $40 per position or as much as $80 per seat. Protecting the fabric with Teflon is 25% of the gross cost. We do not require a decision until the job is complete. Then you can assess the results.

A word about tags: there are four: W stands for water. S stands for solvent. W/S is either. X means vacuum only. We use very low moisture, hot-water extraction for nearly all the upholstery we clean. The tags are warnings about dye stability and fabric shrinkage. We know this. Cleaning with solvents is costly, unhealthy, disappointing, and just not worth it. However, if you want that we can do that; the technician will need to don personal protective equipment (PPE).

The bottom line is we are trained, equipped, and certified to accomplish the task to your satisfaction.

Lastly, you likely will receive a reduced price if you have other tasks done the same day, such as carpet or tile cleaning. Maybe dye a bleach spot?

Please call us for an over the phone estimate with answers to these questions. See the photograph at the right to see the possible results we can deliver. Remember, we guarantee our work to be second-to-none. If we fail to please you, let us know. After a second attempt, if you are not satisfied, we invite you to find whomever you wish, and if they can correct your problem that we could not, we will pay their bill.

The photo at right shows upholstery with many years of neglect and nicotine contamination that looked new and smelled fresh upon completion. Speaking of odors, we can remove urine even in leather. (Removing urine in leather is salvage cleaning.) Reupholstering is very expensive, so let us try to clean it to like-new for hundreds of dollars less. If we think we cannot, we can refer you to an excellent upholstery shop as well.