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Pets in your home

Cat playing on carpeting. Pet odor removal.According to the ASPCA, approximately 40% of American households have cats and dogs. We love our pets and cherish the joy they bring us. They also may create some challenges for some of us in the form of urine, vomit, and destruction of flooring. For some of you, you find yourself at your wit’s end trying to cope with the problems, primarily with allergies and your pet using your carpet as a lawn. Some cleaners offer to "clean and deodorize" your carpet. Cleaning does not deodorize a malodor. Deodorization may be complicated or straightforward, but it is often a separate task.

A typical scenario is a homeowner with a cat with a urinary tract infection (UTI), and she starts to pee in the corner of your living room, causing unbearable odor issues. So not knowing much about the science of correcting the matter, you call any carpet cleaning company and pay nearly anything for them to clean and deodorize your carpet. Some unscrupulous or ignorant cleaners will charge you, say $75, to deodorize your carpet by spraying some magical fragrance. A week later, you still smell urine! You are upset and little to no recourse with the company because they told you “no guarantees.” We have seen this scenario more than a few times.

How DRYEX approaches the matter - make an informed decision.

Guilty dog resting on  carpeting. Dog odor removal.The first rule in odor control is to remove the source of odor i.e., the urine. We typically do NOT rely on a black light to locate the urine because the blacklight can render false positives. In other words, if an old urine deposit was corrected, it will still fluoresce under a black light. Therefore, we use a moisture meter. Why? Even if the urine is ten years old, it still has salts in it that are hydrophilic, or water-loving and self-wet themselves enough to set off a moisture meter. (Have you ever added rice or popcorn to a salt shaker to prevent clumping?) They draw the humidity out of the air and therefore become more pronounced on humid days or after being wet cleaned. Once we locate all the "hot spots," we can use a process called subsurface extraction to remove and neutralize the urine. The trick to success is finding all the deposits.

Once we locate all the “wet spots” we can use a process called subsurface extraction to remove and neutralize the urine. The trick to success is finding all the deposits.

We encourage you to smell the hot spot to give your brain an affirmative "before" impression, and then upon completion, we ask you to do the same to analyze the results with an “after” impression. If you are satisfied, we are. If you are not, we will continue to work until you are.

Because we cannot guarantee odor control after we leave for three reasons:

  1. We cannot control the pet’s behavior after we leave. That is your task.
  2. We cannot control your psychological odor impressions. The mind is a fickle one.
  3. Lastly we cannot be 100% sure that we found all the spots without pulling up the carpet and inspecting the reverse for urine rings.

We will not leave until you are satisfied that your before and after impressions are positive.

So in a way, we do guarantee odor control.

Cats tend to be easier to correct than dogs because cats seek privacy on the perimeter of the room. Dogs tend to go randomly all over the place, and their urine is less intense than cat urine.

Regarding allergies, our process is very though in removing allergens because we use a pile lifter (two counter-rotating drum brushes) to gently remove all the fur and dander a vacuuming cannot extract while simultaneously agitating the pre-spray. Then we extract the carpet or upholstery with rocket-hot onboard softened water at incredibly high lift or vacuum power.

Lastly- some situations are "totaled," and you would be wise to replace the carpet rather than spent a mint on salvaging it. We will recommend this if warranted after our analysis. As a practicing senior carpet inspector, we can help you with a replacement guaranteed to serve you well.

Just feel comfortable that there is nothing we cannot do, including removing urine in fine oriental rugs or even leather furniture. Between the two of us, you will know in extreme detail where you stand when it comes to odor and allergy situations. The National Organization of Remediation and Mold Inspectors (NORMI) certified Dryex as a Certified Sanitization Professional (CSP). So please call us today to start your path to fresh, sanitary, and healthy.